Pearl and tortoiseshell

The Nagasaki pearl is nearly perfectly round and has a beautiful shine. Our company handles the entire process from the production to the sales of high quality pearls. In addition, we offer a wide selection of tortoiseshell products, a traditional Nagasaki craft.

Nagasaki specialities

With special products representative of Nagasaki, such as Heisei Nagasaki Tawaramono,
also frozen chanpon and spicy mentaiko, you can enjoy the flavors of Nagasaki in your home.


We offer a wide variety of Nagasaki confections, including the Tatsuya Honpo castella.


We offer a wide variety of products with carefully chosen natural ingredients, such as the Goto specialty,
camellia oil soap, or basic cosmetics made with horse placenta compound.


We have a wide range of high-quality sake from all around Japan.


Available in a variety of brands.

Consumer products

We offer a wide variety of travel items that many find useful.