Tax-free shop

Being duty-free means that foreign visitors who make purchases
in the store are exempted from consumption tax.

A duty-free store is properly called a seller of export goods.

This is a “tax-free shop” that excludes consumption tax for foreign visitors.

Duty-free means that “when foreign goods are imported into Japan there is no tax levied.”
In Japan, it is mainly restricted to international airport and Okinawa shops.

In April 2015 the system was revised. When making a new application,
the applicant must select one of two categories: “general-type export goods seller,”
one who deals in tax-exempt sales at the shop; or “procedure consignment-type export goods seller,”
one who consigns a third party (a recognized operator for tax-exempt procedures).

Tax-Exempt Procedures at This Store

Have the price of the goods you wish to purchase calculated at the register
(you will pay consumption tax at this time).


Then, take your passport, receipt,
and the goods to the tax exemption counter.

After you have gone through procedures at the tax exemption counter,
the paid consumption tax will be refunded.